ok y’all 

how do i ask a boy out 

roses are red
violets are blue
guess what, my bed
has room for two


twinkle twinkle little star
we can do it in a car


row, row, row your boat
gently down the stream
merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
i can make you scream

I feel like the last one is verging dangerously into serial killer territory

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Do you all know about Mildred? You should know about Mildred. Wanna know why? Because Mildred is out spotlight of the week. I have a soft spot in my heart for online comics. I think I found the internet first and online comics second. 

I found Mildred through her character designs for the comic Agents of the Realm on tumblr. I’m sure you’ve seen some illustrations and character designs floating around on this blog. You all should start reading it asap! There’s already two chapters out! ( And I personally need to start catching up myself!)

Overall,  here is the synopsis of the story from the Agents of the Realm tumblr blog; ” Shortly after beginning their first year of college at Silvermount University, Five young women discover that they’ve each been chosen to help protect not just our world, but a newly discovered sister dimension as well. As they venture forward through their college years their lives start to take on forms of their own, providing them with new opportunities to learn just how much power they have over them.

Agents of the Realm is a College years coming of age story, taking influence from a number of timeless Magical Girl themed stories”.

The author was kind enough to learn a warning on the subject matter of the story. “The story does contain some coarse language and (fantasy) violence. It also covers sensitive subject matter such as Domestic Abuse and violence, Alcoholism, Eating Disorders and Self harm”

What is awesome for me about this comic is that the lead, Nora, is a dark POC. She’s a bit of a loner (like myself)  and a really cool character. Overall, this comic displays varying amounts of diversity and shows potential for vast subject matters in the comic. Plus, Mildred’s art style is pretty awesome and the way she colors the pages is breathtaking! Mildred studied Animation at Sheridan College and  is currently pursuing a career in visual development. She is working on Agents of the Realm and while producing a graphic novel in the works called the “Catalyst ” which should be out in a few years. Please check out our spotlight through the links below!





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A fabulous intro for a fabulous character

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Mark Williams and Julie Walters behind the scenes of Bill&Fleur’s wedding

This should have just been put in the movie, as mr and mrs weasley probably dance just like this.

Her dress is GORGEOUS!

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if there is one thing i will NEVER forgive the hp movies for doing is when in the sectumsempra scene, in the book harry is literally on the verge of tears with guilt and shock and drops to his knees next to draco and hes like trying to cough out some sort of reasoning

and in the movies hes just like :) 

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When my mom throws a family party



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free! shipping, the struggle: an autobiography by phee

i’m a simple girl with simple needs

pure gold

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Here is a pic of Grace Jones shoving cake into Divine’s mouth at what I believe was Grace’s 30th birthday party…you’re welcome!

It’s like “The Creation of Adam,” but relevant to my interests.



Here is a pic of Grace Jones shoving cake into Divine’s mouth at what I believe was Grace’s 30th birthday party…you’re welcome!

It’s like “The Creation of Adam,” but relevant to my interests.

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On June 6, 1992 David Bowie and Iman were married in a church service at the American Church of St James in Florence, Italy. [x]

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i find it funny that “i like big butts” has always been a well-liked song, but as soon as Nicki Minaj samples it and shows off her amazing ass in a video, suddenly OH MY GOD WHAT A SLUT PUT THAT AWAY

like, it’s okay for a guy to talk about how much he loves butts
but it’s not okay for women to love their own butts

funny how that works

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